April Fool’s 5k Run

Good morning!

We were up nice and early this morning to run the inaugural April Fool’s 5k. The race was literally five minutes from our house, and we arrived about 7:15 am, which was probably a little too early. I like getting to races a little early though, so I can find my family, get the kids settled, and use the bathroom.


My dad and stepmom came to watch the kids and support us. The race started exactly on time and there was about 400 runners. The course was very narrow, but it wasn’t as much as a problem as I expected. The very fast runners did end up lapping the slower runners and walkers.

We ran the course 2.75 times, and veered off on the third lap to the finish line. Danny got a PR and finished in 23:56! He came in first place for his age group! That’s his first time winning a first place medal, and I am so proud of him!


I finished in 31:44, which is four seconds better than last week’s race. I felt pretty good running, but I started out too fast and was really losing steam towards the end. I’m still happy with my time.

For a first time race, I thought they did a pretty good job. There was music, enough bathrooms, the race started on time, and there was a water station that you passed three times. I think this is the first race where I didn’t get water. They also had a lot of food at the end – bananas, apple slices from McDonald’s, granola bars, and cookies.


The only negative thing was how they did the awards. They read the names way too fast, and there was a long line to get the medals. I saw two ladies actually get the wrong medals because the volunteers were flustered trying to hand all the medals out quickly. They should have called the names slower and handed out the medals one at a time – but that’s just my opinion.


All the first place winners in each age group were also given an envelope. When Danny went to get his envelope, they didn’t have it. I am assuming they gave his envelope to someone else, and he finally ended up getting someone else’s envelope because it’s all they had left.

I think the same thing was in each envelope – just a massage coupon and some flyers, so it really wasn’t a big deal. But next year, the awards definitely need to be more organized.

The only other thing I wasn’t thrilled about was how narrow the course was – I think it worked okay today, but with any more people, it would have been crazy.

Overall, I enjoyed the race, and I am so proud of Danny’s first place!

After the 5k, I ate back all the calories I burned because we went to Dunkin Donut were I drank coffee and ate two donuts. Great.

Thankfully, the Tread Labs Stride Insole I wore gave me 0 pain or discomfort and we don’t really have anything else planned for the rest of the day, so it’ll be nice just to relax!

Good luck to my stepmom tomorrow at the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago! Danni from the Biggest Loser is also running it, which should be fun. Good luck, Sue!

Have a great afternoon!


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Last Night’s Workout

  • 30 minutes Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)
  • Ab Workout: 100 ball sit-ups, 50 side bends with 7 lb. weight, 25 standing crunches
  • Yoga Stretch – 30 minutes

Before going to Yoga Stretch last night, I fit in another quick workout…mostly because I had a little (or big) run-in with the kid’s Easter candy yesterday afternoon. Darn. Those. Jelly. Beans.

I made up for it by doing a little extra cardio and eating a healthy dinner.


For dinner, I made zucchini pizza bites. I also had raw veggies with hummus and apple slices with plain Greek yogurt with some PB2 mixed in.


I’m proud of myself for getting back on track right away after eating the candy. Sometimes, I’m like well, I just ate all that candy, might as well continue to keep eating bad. I already ruined everything.

I am really glad that I am starting to get away from that mindset. Eating some candy or ice cream won’t ruin your diet, but if you do it constantly, it might be a problem.

I picked up our race packets for Saturday’s 5k yesterday. Personally, I think the race shirts are a little oogly, but it’s not like I ever wear them anyway.


One of my favorite things in my race bag was a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. I mean how often do you get a toothbrush for running a race?!

I’m a little nervous about this race because we have to run 2.75 times around the course which is very narrow. If there is super speedy people and slower walkers, won’t the faster runners be lapping the slower runners on an already narrow course? And what’s up with 2.75 times around?

Oh well, I plan just to have fun at the race. Hopefully it won’t rain.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.02 miles treadmill, walked
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Zumba – 60 minutes


I think I’m going to buy new headphones tonight. I currently use the headphones that came with my iPod, but they always fall out and I am constantly having to fix them. It’s really annoying.


This is a pain when I am trying to run. Sometimes I run with music and sometimes I don’t, so I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it to buy new phones. Then I figured that I would need them for the 15k anyway, so I might as well buy a pair that stays in my ears. I have also noticed that running with music helps me go a little faster.

I am thinking about buying these YurBuds In-Ear headphones. They received good reviews and are reasonably priced ($29.99). I really don’t want to spend anymore than that on headphones.



Hopefully these will stay in my ears and I won’t have to mess with them the whole time I’m running!

Have a great Friday afternoon!

  • Do you listen to music when you workout?
  • What kind of headphones do you wear?
  • What’s the funnest thing you’ve ever gotten in a race goody bag?
  • Any plans this weekend?


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You Just Have to Go

Well, I signed up for yet another 5k. I keep telling myself that I would like to get away from 5ks a bit and start running a little bit longer races, like 10ks, so I can build up running farther at a slightly slower pace, since 5ks are usually about being speedy.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – I am not a particularly fast runner and I am not a long distance runner. Running is very hard for me because I have a lot of problems with my calves. (I have been diagnosed with compartment syndrome which is a fancy way of saying that running makes my calves extremely tight and short of surgery there isn’t too much I can do about it, you guys know I have plantar faciitis problems and it messes me up sometimes, what I have been doing lately is using sandals for plantar fasciitis when I’m home which helps me a lot)

I do enjoy the challenge of running and how accomplished I feel after running a race, even if it’s only a 5k. I run because it makes me happy and keeps me healthy.

I know that I will never be extremely fast or a marathon runner, and that it 100% fine with me. I do what I can and I am proud of what I do.


But your blog is called Run Eat Play. Yes, this is true. But to me, the Run part of Run Eat Play represents exercising and fitness in general – whether that be running, strength training, Zumba, walking, yoga, etc. Just as the Play part represents having kids, spending time with my family, enjoying life, learning new things, etc.

I have finally come to terms with the runner I am and try not to compare myself to others. So while I might not be the best running inspiration, please know that I can be an inspiration for being determined to do the activities that my body will let me 🙂 I will be diversifying my workouts and I will especially add more yoga into the mix, I read the yoga burn reviews recently and the benefits are just too much to pass up.

I also enjoy running 5ks because it’s an activity that my family enjoys together.

Picture 4803

Back to the 5k….

The 5k that I signed up for is the 5k that I ran on a whim last May, the day before I turned 30. It ended up being my worst run to date, and I feel the need to redeem myself for that bad race which is why I signed up for it again this year. I plan to do a lot better.

It also falls on my birthday weekend, and what better way to kick off a birthday weekend than with a run?! Danny is running it too this year.

Last Night’s Workout

  • .5 miles treadmill
  • Yoga-Lates – 60 minutes

I arrived at the gym a little before yoga started last night, so I just walked on the treadmill for a bit. I am glad that I went to yoga last night, and I plan on going to a new 30 minutes yoga stretch class tonight. I need all the stretching I can get!

Today’s Workout

  • 3.6 miles, HIIT treadmill workout
  • Plank – 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Stretching – Approx. 15 minutes

My HIIT treadmill workout this morning looked like this:

  • Mile 0 – 1.1 (2:1) Walked two minutes, ran fast (for me) one minute
  • Mile 1.1 – 2.2 (2:2) Walked two minutes, ran even faster two minutes
  • Mile 2.2 – 3.3 (2:1) Walked two minutes, ran even faster one minute
  • Mile 3.3-3.6 Walked

It was a great workout, and I finished up with a plank and a little bit of stretching.

This afternoon, I’m going to pick up my race packet for Saturday’s April Fools 5k. It’s an inaugural race, but it looks like there will be a good amount of runners!

If you’re interested, I have added a Races Page at the top of my blog!

  • Do you have anything planned for today?
  • Do you struggle with anything, but still enjoy it?
  • What’s your favorite distance to run?


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Back on the Scale

Weight…Gain Wednesday

I weighed myself for the first time this morning in about two weeks, and my weight is up a little over three pounds. I know that this number is a reflection of the unhealthy food choices that I have been making lately, and I am the only one who can (and will) change it.

Danny’s weight has stayed exactly the same since last week. About seven more days to go until the DietBet ends!

When I ran the 5k last Saturday, my calves were extremely tight and very painful by the end of the run. Since we have another 5k this Saturday, I have been trying to stretch my calves and foam roll more.

This morning, I took out the calf stretcher that Marlene gave me and put it to good use.


(I have no idea where that bruise on my leg came from…)

Hopefully, I can get into the habit of using it more. After I stretched my calves, I foam rolled for just a few minutes. I also plan on going to yoga tonight.

Of course, I can’t have a piece of exercise equipment out without Jaden needing a turn.


Today’s Workout

  • Final Plank for the March Plank-a-Day Challenge: 5 minutes and 3 seconds!!!
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • 2 miles, outside! Chilly and windy

Since I missed doing the plank on March 1st, I did my last plank for the March plank-a-day challenge this morning. I put on my music and held it as long as I possible could – a little over 5 minutes! Towards the end, my body was shaking uncontrollably, but I held strong!!

I will still continue to do the plank, just not every single day.

I decided that I should probably start training for the 15k coming up, so after BodyPump I went outside to run. I am so used to the treadmill that running outside was hard! It was really windy so my eyes were watering and my nose was running, but the training plan only calls for two miles, so I got them done!


I plan on loosely following this training plan, changing it up to fit my schedule.

I wore my Mizunos outside for the first time. They feel really good and give a lot of support which I need.


After running, I went to pick up Miss Movie Star my niece.


How cute is she?!


Lunch this afternoon was a salad topped with cranberries, walnuts, pear, and Vidalia onion dressing. I used a Anjou pear instead of a Bartlett pear and it was so much better – I never realized that there was such a taste difference between the two pears. I also had a bagel thin with two egg whites, provolone cheese, and strawberry preserves <—- Trust me, its delicious!


Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you have a favorite pear? I didn’t…until today.
  • What’s your longest plank time?
  • Have you ever stuck to a training program?
  • Ever meet/see anyone famous?


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Asthma Sucks


Last night at dinner I played an April Fool’s Day trick on the kids. I gave them their drinks but it was actually jello in a cup with a straw so they couldn’t drink it!


Hey, it’s funny to a six-year old…and I thought it was pretty clever. 🙂

The kids loved it.


For dinner, I made a similar salad to the one I had last week when I met Danny for lunch. My salad had spring mix, pears, walnuts, cranberries, cucumbers, and feta.


I topped it with Ken’s Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing. Marlene had this dressing when we celebrated my grandpa’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and it was really good so I bought a bottle.

I also bought a package of cranberries and glazed walnuts which is what gave me the idea for the salad.


The glazed walnuts were the best part.


Today’s breakfast was something different from my usual Kashi Go Lean cereal. I usually stick to cereal in the mornings because it’s quick and easy during the busy morning, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different.

This morning I had a Van’s blueberry waffle topped with PB2 and blueberries. I also had two egg whites, coffee, and a glass of detox water.


Today’s Workout

  • Plank #31 – 3 minutes and 28 seconds!
  • 1 mile treadmill, walked
  • Butts and Guts – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 12 minutes
  • Stretching – 5 minutes

This morning, I had to make an asthma and allergy appointment for Jaden because his allergies have been acting up and he has been wheezy. Luckily, they were about to get him in at 11:15 am, so I told his school that I’d pick him up at 10:45 am.

I still had time to kill after Butts and Guts class (Jaden’s school is two minutes from the gym, so there’s no point in going home first) so I just did the elliptical for a short time, followed by some much-needed calf stretching.

Jaden’s doctor appointment took forever. Our appointment was at 11:15 am and by the time we even saw the doctor it was 12 pm. Then I was in a big rush to get Jaden back to school in time for lunch and pick up my niece.

Jaden left the doctor’s office with four prescriptions including a steroid, a breathing treatment, and an inhaler. I feel so bad that my poor little guys has to go through all this. He’s already on daily asthma and allergy medicine and gets allergy shots once every three weeks. Poor guy.

I’m finally home now and can eat lunch!

Have a great afternoon!


My blog will be down for few days sometime within the next week. I am in the process of switching over to a self-hosted site. Apparently, my love for taking pictures is making the process a little bit longer than originally planned 🙂 But don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily – once everything is switched over, things will be back to normal.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@RunEatPlay). I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot there!

  • What’s your quick go-to breakfast?
  • Do you (or your kids) have asthma or allergies?
  • Favorite salad topping?


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Eating Better and Jillian Michaels Detox Water

Good afternoon!

Today’s Workout

  • Plank #30 – 3 minutes and 16 seconds
  • Stationary bike – 12 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 20 minutes

When I woke up yesterday morning, my ankle was killing me. It hurt to put any pressure on it. I am assuming that I did something to it while I was running on Saturday, but nothing stands out in my mind. I didn’t hurt or twist it at all, but it sure is sore.

It was still sore when I woke up this morning, so I made sure to do low impact cardio like the bike and elliptical. I hope that it starts to feel better by tomorrow because I have to start my 15k training soon.

I probably should have started already but I haven’t. I have never followed a set training plan before, so hopefully I can stick to it!

Best Post-Workout Snack – McDonald’s Coffee and a mint Builder bar:



Danny and I have about nine days left until the FitFluential DietBet is over. I am really going to have to work hard if I plan on losing my 4%. Like I’ve mentioned, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted during spring break and Easter. I haven’t weighed myself, but I know that I’ve gained a few pounds.

I am glad to get back on track because when I eat like crap, I feel like crap. And I felt really crappy all last week, so things will be better this week!

I decided to drink the Jillian Michaels Detox Water again this week. I drank it for a week about two months ago and felt like it helped, so I’m doing it again.


Basically, you mix up the following and drink it throughout the day for seven days while eating healthy meals:

  • 60 ounces distilled water
  • 1 tbsp. sugar-free cranberry juice
  • Dandelion root tea
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


I had a lot of cranberry juice leftover last time, so I froze it in ice-cube trays and just added one to the pitcher this morning.

I know that they sell bottled lemon juice at the store, but I prefer using fresh lemon juice, so I bought a juicer for only $3.99.


Eating healthy might seem hard at times, but I always feel so much better when I eat better.


My stomach doesn’t feel the greatest from eating so much yesterday, so by the time lunch rolled around, I didn’t want to eat anything to heavy. I had a big plate of fruit and veggies with hummus. I also had a vanilla Greek yogurt with PB2 mixed in for some protein.


Have a great afternoon!

  • How do you get back on track after a day/weekend/week of unhealthy eating?
  • Did you workout today?
  • Favorite juice? I love orange juice!


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Easter 2013

Good morning! It’s Monday and April! Happy April Fool’s Day!


Yesterday morning started bright and early with Jaden yelling out, “Happy Val– (pause) Happy Easter!” I’m not quite sure why he thought it was Valentine’s Day, but it was pretty funny!

The kids had a great time looking for all the eggs that the Easter bunny hid for them. Instead of Easter baskets, the bunny left giant eggs filled with treats and toys for the kids.


After all the fun was over, I started making brunch for our family that was coming over.


I made Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies – I followed this recipe, except I doubled the recipe. The bars came out very thick and I had to cook them for a long time. I kept thinking they were done, but they weren’t so I kept having to put them back in the oven. Next time, I won’t double the recipe or I’ll cook them a little less.


I also made cheesy potato casserole and the same cinnamon french toast casserole that I made for Christmas. Everything was so good. I just wish I would have made more because it was gone so fast!


We also had some fruit for something healthy 🙂


Jaden and I made these cute silverware holders out of napkins and ribbon.


After we visited with my family and in-laws for a while, we headed over to see my dad and stepmom.

Danny and I:


The kids had a fun Easter egg hunt outside.



There was tons of dessert, and I ate my fair share 🙂




My dad’s Under The Sea Easter Egg Scene:


We had a great day spending time with our family!

I glad that life is back to normal today and the kids are back to school! My eating was terrible over Spring Break and Easter, and I am glad to be back on track today. It’s nice to enjoy yourself once in a while , but I think I overenjoyed myself every single day.

With all the holiday craziness, I missed doing the plank on Saturday and Sunday, so I will be doing the plank for the next three days to make up for it!

Have a great day!

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What was the best thing you ate?
  • Have you every pulled an April Fool’s prank? Have you ever had one done to you?


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Egg Shell Shuffle 5k

Egg Shell Shuffle 5k complete!! (Warning: Lots of pics)!

This morning started out bright and early at about 6:40 am. The race didn’t start until 9:15 am, but I woke up early just so that I could drink a cup of coffee. I typically don’t drink coffee before races because I already use the bathroom enough as it is, but today I had my coffee.

We got to the race site at about 8:05 am, and the parking lot was already full, so we parked nearby on a side street. We met up with my dad, Sue, and Marlene shortly after we arrived.

010 - Copy

Messing around:

016 - Copy

017 - Copy

020 - Copy

My dad: The official bag holder, photographer, and baby sitter.


Thanks, Dad! You’re awesome!

The Easter bunny came out and said hello. He danced with Jaden, but don’t let Jaden’s face fool you – he was terrified.



The half marathon started at 8:30 am, and the 5k started at 9:15 am. Everything started on time which was nice, and I had time to go to the bathroom four times before the race. No joke – four times.

I was unsure what to wear since the weather was mild, around 40 degrees, but I knew that I would heat up quickly. There was also a little bit of a cold wind. I ended up wearing long shorts, Zensah calf sleeves, a short sleeve shirt, and a long sleeve dry fit shirt.


It seemed to work pretty well. I did get warm the last mile, so I just pushed up my sleeves.

I also got to wear my new Garmin 10 for the race! I got it as a Christmas present but haven’t been able to wear it yet because I haven’t run outside since last fall.

006 - Copy

The first two miles went pretty good. I felt pretty good and had a good pace going. I’m slow and steady. After the first two miles things got harder – my calves started to get really tight. They haven’t been too bad on the treadmill, but with running outside and the hills and stuff, they didn’t want to cooperate. It was tough.

Three miles might not seem like a lot, but for me it is. Running is work for me. Hard work. The last mile, these thoughts started going through my head: I should have stayed at home in bed, Why the hell did I sign up to run a 15k in June, and Is it over yet, please let it be over.

I spotted Danny, and I knew that I must be close to the finish. I practically threw my iPod at him and took off. I can’t stand to wear my iPod a whole race, it starts to bug me.

I crossed the finish line and mine chip time was 31:48!! I was very very happy with that! My average 5k time used to be 36 minutes, so I am definitely improving. I placed #14 for my age group (30-34) out of 50 women, so I was also pleased with that.

After the race, I chatted with LosingLindy and her son. How awesome that they ran the 5k together! My kids just sat there and played their iPods the whole time. Great job, Lindy and V!

Danny, Marlene, and Sue are speedy!! Danny did awesome finishing in 25:09.


My stepmom did really good too (she’s another speedy one), and Marlene won second place for her age group!!


The prizes were Easter baskets and water bottles with gels instead of medals.


Great job guys!


The kids egg hunt started at 11:15am, and the kids had fun picking up all the eggs. The Easter bunny was also there handing out eggs, which was nice.


The adult egg hunt was crazy!


A whole bunch of adults running after eggs is chaos. Every time I bent down to get an egg someone would swipe in out from underneath me or trample me. Jeesh. I did manage to get a few eggs though.


There were some good prizes for the egg hunt but all my eggs were filled with candy.


With 7,000 eggs and only a handful of prizes, your chances of winning were pretty slim.

I enjoyed the race overall. I think it was well set-up, there was a good amount of porta potties, a lot of volunteers, lots of post race food, and I love love love getting a finisher’s medal. It makes me feel accomplished 🙂


I didn’t think the egg hunt was all that great. First, it started two hours after the 5k. I know they have to do awards and stuff, but that makes for a long day. Also, the adult egg hunt was just way too crazy. I would run the Egg Shell Shuffle 5k again but probably wouldn’t bother to stay for the egg hunt.

After the race, I treated myself to an iced coffee.


Then, we stopped by my dad’s house to borrow some chairs for tomorrow, and he showed me some more of the eggs he made.


How awesome is this mermaid?!


Have a great day and a wonderful Easter tomorrow!!


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Quick Check In

Good afternoon and happy Friday!! Just a quick check-in because I am about to go to my hair appointment. I don’t even know why I bother to get my hair done since I don’t even do it anyway. Okay, sometimes I do. It’s just so much easier to throw it into a ponytail.


Last night we dressed up nice…and went to Whole Foods for dinner. Jaden really got into it:


We did try to go to a nicer restaurant, but the wait was an hour! On a Thursday! Crazy. So, we went to Whole Foods instead.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Zumba – 60 minutes
  • Plank #29: 3 minutes and 15 seconds

Most of songs in Zumba today were new, so it took me a while to catch on, but it was such a fun workout!

Jaden took my picture doing plank #28.


Only two more planks to go! Actually, three. I missed doing a plank on March 1st, so I am going to make up for it by doing one on April 1st.

Tomorrow is the Egg Shell Shuffle 5k and it looks like the weather is going to be nice! The race also has a little bit of a later start time, 9:15 am, so that will be nice because we have to get the kids up and ready. I just hope parking isn’t an issue.

Speaking of races, I was looking through the flyers in my race bag and I came across a 5k that offers babysitting during the race.


How cool is that? I am lucky that I usually run with my family, so I can bring the kids with and my dad will watch them, or my mom will sometime watch them, but I know that some parents don’t have this luxury. I thought it was very cool that they offered babysitting during the race.


I have been eating the best snack lately. Vanilla Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of PB2 mixed it with Honeycrisp apple slices to dip in it! So good!


We’re having Easter brunch at our house, so I’ll be making my grocery list and shopping later today.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Easter!!

  • Any plans this weekend?
  • What are you doing for Easter?
  • What do you think of babysitting during a race?


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The Fault in our Stars by John Green Book Review

The March book for Julie’s book club was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Fault in our Stars--Cover

About the Book:
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years,
Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon
diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears
at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

The Fault in Our Stars is a wonderful book. Even though the book is sad, it’s incredibly touching, funny, and romantic. I am not usually a fan of books that are so sad, but I made an exception for this book.

It might seem weird, but I did have to read it while closing off a part of my heart in a way. The kids in this book have cancer and their story is one that actually happens to people in real life. Having two kids myself, I cannot fathom what the parents of these kids and teenagers must go through as well as the kids themselves. I cannot bear to think about what would happen if this type of situation ever happened to my family. At the same time, my heart aches for the parents and children that go though this.

Please don’t let me talk you into believing that this book is depressing. It might be in a way, but the humor and the situations of the characters is actually quite amusing.


The story starts out with 16-year-old Hazel who has terminal cancer. She is currently living with her parents while they take care of her and the cancer that will one day ultimately kill her. However, Hazel still tries to live a normal as life as possible – she goes out with her friends, she takes a few classes at her local community college, she drives, and she has a crush on a boy named Augustus.

Augustus is in cancer remission, and had lost his leg due to cancer. He is immediately drawn to Hazel after meeting her at a Cancer Support Group, and thier story grows from there.

A big part of the story is Hazel’s search to find the author of her favorite book. The book she loves just ends abruptly, and Hazel isn’t satisfied with not knowing that happened to the characters at the end of the story and becomes obsesses with finding out.

I think that search for what happened to the characters in the book is a metaphor for Hazel’s life. She wants so badly to know the unknown. Her obsession with finding out what happened to the characters after the story ends  could be her way of dealing with the unknown of her own life. How long will she live? What comes after death? What will happen to her parents?

My Thoughts

Before I read this book, I read a few of the reviews and a few of them said that the way these teenagers talk and act in certain situations isn’t realistic because they act too grown up. And while, I agree that real teenagers don’t seem to talk like the teenagers do in this book in real life, I thought it really worked for the book.

Hazel and Augustus maybe have had to grow up before they were ready, and seem to adapt maturely to certain situations while expressing themselves in very intellectual ways, and I loved it.

The romance between Hazel and Augustus is the charming part of the story, and I’m glad that they were able to find love.

Finally, this book really made me think about the impact each individual has and the mark we leave on Earth. Hazel is content just living and eventually dying. On the other hand, Augustus believes that he needs to make a name for himself in the world. He needs to be remembered, be important.

The world is a huge place – there are millions of people living and even more that are dead. It really makes you think how small you really are in the world. But I do think that it is important to live life to the fullest and do the things that make you happy, and if you can – make others happy.

Life isn’t all about yourself. It’s about who you are, who you connect with, and what you leave behind you on Earth. Good, evil, happiness, sadness, wealth, health. Live life to the fullest.

I really enjoyed The Fault in our Stars and thought it was a wonderful book. For me, it was a book that made me stop and think and most of all it made me feel.


Have you read The Fault in our Stars? Thoughts?


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